With a new project manager on board, it is time to recruit the project group for TEDxKTH 2016!  We are looking for dedicated students who love TED Talks and who are willing to put in their best effort to make TEDxKTH 2016 the best yet! Note that you have to be in Stockholm during the entire fall semester of 2016 in order to participate.

The positions available for the 2016 project group are:

- Vice Project Manager

- Speaker and Content Manager

- Business Relations Manager

- PR and Communications Manager

- Event Manager

Please find more detailed descriptions of these positions in the application link:

Deadline is Sunday, April 25th.

Note: Common for the whole project group recruitment is that we want people who are  team-players. Not only are you passionate about TEDx but you are also willing to put down the amount of time and work required to make TEDxKTH 2016 a success story.

For the position that you are applying, previous relevant experience is an advantage. You should also have high aims and ambitions for what you would like to achieve in your role, as well as a concretized plan on how to realize and achieve these goals. Each manager will also get the opportunity to recruit his or her group of hosts if wished for.

For questions, mail